Together for a better world

Together for a better world


This year has been very challenging for us all.

The current environment of our society has us all evaluating what it means to be together. At AB InBev, we pride ourselves in creating positive change in our world through impactful campaigns that bring out the best in everyone.

In June, we kicked off Together for a Better World (TFBW) campaign, but before jumping into exactly what it is, let me explain how we got there. March arrives, the pandemic hits, and AB InBev comes together as a company to come up with over 100 solutions to help the communities in which we operate overcome the initial impact of COVID-19. As a global corporation, we utilized our existing infrastructure, footprint, and relationships to help. We made hand sanitizer in more than 20 countries, supported more than 20,000 bars and restaurants, produced 3 million face shields to healthcare workers in South America, implemented more than 25 smart drinking campaigns and more. What did we notice? The power that came from our colleagues and consumers could truly change the world for the better.

We are a company with strong ties and responsibilities to the communities in which we operate, so we thought to ourselves…how could we empower them to work with us? That’s what TFBW is, an online platform that invites consumers from all over the world to share their ideas with us, to help the world. Two heads are better than one and a million are better than a thousand!

We hope to inspire creative problem-solvers to share their ideas for tackling the changing needs of our consumers – especially those in the areas of social gatherings, well-being, entertainment and sports, as well as new products & experiences.

More specifically the challenges include:

  • To champion meaningful, innovative, scalable ideas that reimagine Togetherness
  • To welcome ideas from creative problem-solvers to tackle the challenges that lie ahead
  • To leverage our footprint, partnerships & capabilities to bring these ideas to life

This platform brings our purpose to life using creativity, and if you have an idea, don’t hold back, and join us!


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Together for a better world